Problem with display of my drawing on different computers(same OS)


I have developed a 3-D application using opengl and visual C++. I am running my software on windows XP.

I am displaying the three axes(X-Y-Z) at the center of window by going back from prespective to orthographic projections.My problem is that on the computer I was working on, evrything was going good. However, when I transferred the executable to some other computer, my axes get screwed up. I can see long vertical lines here and there in the screen.

Surprisingly, all other animations go well means rest of the code operate perfactly.

one more thing, the software works well on a windows98 system with no problem in axes display.

I can’t understand the problem or its root ? Please help me.Thanks a lot for your help.

OpenGL is not so much dependent on the OS, as it is dependent on the implementation vendor.

Get the GL_RENDERER and GL_VENDOR strings for the two implementations; I betcha they’re different. I also believe you probably have a bug, and one of the vendors happens to let you get away with it; the other doesn’t.