problem with ASE file


I tried to export very simple object (cube) in the 3DSMAX text
format, and I have next problem: in the each face description I
found only three vertices. What I must do if I have more than
three vertex per face? And what it mean: AB:1, BC:1, CA:0 ?

This should help:

Originally posted by NOAH IV:
This should help:

Unfortunately, I have not found answer to my question there. AB, BC and CA is visibility flags, but I must know, how I can get more than three vertices per face.

You can’t have more than three vertices per face (AFAIK) because 3DS Max uses triangles for rendering, like almost every other 3d program and API (incl. OpenGL). If you draw a square face in 3DS Max, Max draws it as two triangles back-to-back.
Check out a cube in wireframe view and you’ll see what I mean.

ASE from 3d max, i recommend using flexporter(google) it allows u to export your scene pretty much anyway u want ie your own fileformat in binary/ascii