Problem with ActiveX control


I am developing an activex control using opengl. It is used to display a 3D image. When the control gets WM_PAINT messages i originally had it redrawing the image every time. This meant that even as the webpage was scrolled the image was being redrawn, this caused the image to jump and cover html elements of the webpage.

I now have the control only redraw the image if the user rotates or moves the image. This has solved the “jumping” problem, however if the control is rotated or moved when any area of the image is offscreen ( for example half of the control is on half off screen ) the calls to glclear don’t seem to work on the offscreen areas, and hence leave a strange blur or the image.

Am i missing something here as no matter what i try it seems to leave this blurring.

Thanks in advance.

You need to handle the window resizing.

Look at the glViewport funcion.

Also make sure that the CLIPCHILDREN window style is correctly set.