Problem moving Performer from Voodoo5 to Geforce3

Hello all,
I am pretty new to OpenGl and performer but here goes…

We currently have an application under RH7.0 using the Voodoo5 /DRI/GLcore etc…

We wanted to upgrade the performance and purchased a Geforce3. After we installed the GF3 and the 1.0 Nvidia drivers all seems to work except our application. We can run perfly on town.pbf and even run perfly on our database. IT WORKS GREAT !! DOUBLE THE RATE AS THE VOODOO5!!.

The failure we get is a segmetation fault with refferance to Freebuf.

This same app runs under the Voodoo5 so I guess the question is are there any known issues between the drivers? Any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance for any help…I have spent the last week tring to fix it…

The GF3 drivers was recently added so it can certainly be some issues. I think that the most likely is some error in your code. Some errors are not detected until you change something in the enviroment. Use a debugger to find the error. My guess is something with dynamic memory or uninitilazed variables.

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