Problem during Mesa installation

Hello, I have a problem.
I try to install Mesa 7.8 on CentOS 3.9 for i386 on VMVare 7.0.1
The Mesa I’m get from here:
And try to install it like described here:

When I perform configuration stage:

[root@CentOS Mesa-7.8]# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

(root is actualy root)
This is what I get:

checking pkg-config files for X11 are available… no
checking for X… no
configure: error: X11 development libraries needed for dri driver

(Three dots says that there is some output before)
Put attention to error.

Any idea?
Thank you very much forahead.

You need to make sure you have the latest dri and libdrm package I think.

Alternatively use synaptic to get glut3 and glut3dev.

Works a charm :slight_smile:

I’m new in Linux, so what is a different between development library and non-development library, because they both .so? Arn’t they? “development” may be only code text file or library with debug information…

More than “development library and non-development library”, this is about packaging :

  • binary “normal” package : for users, only the stripped compiled .so is needed
  • dev package : programmers need .h interfaces, debug versions, sometimes programming docs, etc.
  • src package is again different, it contains the library source code

Developpers using a library need both dev and normal, to compile then execute their programs.

Thank you very much for reply :slight_smile:

glut3 instead of dri?
In other forum I found that I need X11 development packages,
when you say dri you mean X11 development packages?
In every case do you know where I search it?

Thank you. You make me clear it now :slight_smile: