Printing another language...

As you now, we should use from the ASCII codes to write our text.But how can i find the ASCII codes of my language?Is there a standard about the ASCII codes?At this time i can type persian-My language- in windows,but i don’t know anything about their ASCII codes.
Note:I’ll use from the textures to write my fonts

You probably need to use Unicode, it uses 2 byte combinantions to define many more characters including many international fonts. Of course to actually render you need some kind of unicode font rendering, but it is definitely possible.

you could try using a bitmap font

No.The quality of the bitmap fonts isn’t good.

Thank you Angus.I just searched in google and found some valuable information about the persian unicode fonts.

how can i print persian characters whit FTGL?!

I guess you just have to download a TrueType persian font and load it in FTGL…


i use tahoma and its support any language, but ftgl dont show any thingh