previous objects dissapear after different menu selection, HELP!

I have a drop down menu for a small paint program, if i hit ‘c’ and click right mouse button i have my color menu and if i hit ‘s’ i have my shape menu, then i a click where i wnat the points of the shape and it draws it, but once i click my left mouse button to choose a different color or shape, my shapes dissapear, how do i keep them displayed to be able to draw multiple objects? do i need some kind of special loop?

This would be very diffciult to help you with because it all depnds on how you have coded it, and as you did not include any information about this it is impossible to give you much help about it.

Nothing is saved when you render something in OpenGL, so when ever a paint event is generated you must redraw everything in the OpenGL window, if that might be related to your problem in any way.