Preferred toolkit?

I’m looking for an alternative to GLUT. I’ve just read this article.

Can anyone recommend me a toolkit to use? They all seem to have the same functionnalities, so I was really hoping someone could help me… I don’t really want to go through a trial and error session.

Any help greatly appreciated

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I’ll just go ahead and say GLFW (being its author and all). Of course it’s hard to be 100% objective, since I designed GLFW after my needs. However, many people are very satisfied after switching to GLFW from e.g. GLUT or SDL.

I agree that most toolkits do mostly the same things, but it’s the small things that matter. If you’re looking for developing demos/games, then GLFW or SDL is most probably what you want. If you are looking for a multi-window, GUI-centric application, then FLTK or cpw may be more suitable.