Powervr and opengles

I am confused about what is powervr exactly. Is it a shell kind of for opengles or a h/w renderer or a graphics processor unit What I understood that from it is that the powervr makes many work for opengl easy and efficient like reducing the numberof API calls and things like initializations of variables for opengles. Please kindly let me know the correct concept.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


POWERVR is a division of Imagination Technologies Ltd. which designs and licenses graphics and video core IP. Current product families include 3D GPUs (POWERVR MBX and SGX), vector graphics acceleration (POWERVR VGX), and video decode/encode cores (POWERVR VXD and VXE).

It seems like you are talking about the POWERVR Insider SDK, which is a software package offered by POWERVR. It includes a number of components and libraries to help developers write applications using OpenGL ES.

Thanks Xmas.