Power of Light


How can I set a power of light that I put the light source in center of room and I cant see the door, but if I incresse power of light and I’ll see the door? I dont mean that power of light it is a RGBA tab, Iwant that power of light is a distance from light source to place wchich you I can see (it’s lighted)

Not sure I understand what you want, but when specifying a light’s color, you may use components >1.
For example, for a very bright white color, you can specify its color as 10,10,10 and it’ll be 10x brighter than an “usual” 1,1,1 white light.

Youd have to do your own lighting calculations since im pretty sure OpenGL lighting does not take into account distance from the lightsource when determining vertex colours.

Sure it takes distance into account when calculating lighting. It’s just that the default attenuation parameters are set so that you don’t get any fading over distance. For fading over disatnce, set linear and/or quadratic attenuation factors to something other than zero.