PostRendering: Imaging subset.

I think it would be a very powerfull tool to have the opengl 1.2 imaging subset, or something similar. I mean, being able to do post-produccion-style effects like blur, distort (simulating underwater refraction or heat air refraction), noise, filtering, etc, after the fragments have been rendered. How useful do you think you will find this? I believe the PlayStation2 has something similar to this, or its processing power lets the cpu do it (reading the frame buffer, applying effects, then blitting it again). Just guessing.

The imaging subset is already supported on some professional cards like the Intense3D cards I think. Or is that Intergraph now… er, SGI ? It would be cool if it was supported on consumer level cards (GeForce, Radeon, etc.). I personnally would have the need especially for the extra color controls.

Our next driver set will support it – in SW only – on all our cards.

  • Matt

Oh come on guys ! Not even a tiny little HW accelerated color matrix ? Please ?

We could, in theory, implement a 3x3 color matrix in the combiners, but people using the imaging subset generally expect (1) a 4x4 color matrix and (2) full floating-point precision and range.

That said, I have some ideas about accelerating it, but no promises.

  • Matt

That’s great!!! Lets wait and see how it does…