post thoughts

hey guys, I’m a bit new to large-scale engines for 3d games, so I was hoping you would post your thoughts on the progress I’ve been making on my engine, RenderSama

make sure to read About, .plan, and view the Screenshots

if you’re interested in contacting me personally about this (especially if you have expierience writing 3DS MAX plugins!) contact me at ironhelix001 at

Looks quite nice. Just that you need to stretch out your terrain into infinity and some refiniements with the tiling.

This is a terrain generator or loading from a file?


well, right now it just renders that much terrain. if you notice, I said in the .plan that I plan to make a proprietary format (yes, it’s loaded), which supports unlimited size and roughly 2-3x speed increase with some optimizations…not only that but less of a memory footprint, and such.

I’m kind of happy with it considering I hadn’t done much with fullscale renderers before now and I’ve done that in 7 days :stuck_out_tongue:

and you wanna make 3ds plugin to export to your own format?

you can check the discreet page for the SDK. Maybe gmax has its own free stuff.

Here’s a little challenge for you. Add trees and bushes and make them look as realistic as possible. Not that simple billboard crap.


trees and bushes with LOD are not a priority righ tnow.

I want to write 3DS plugins for portalization and lightmap generation,
a terrain editor is not the hardest thing in the world to make