Post-processing Anti-Aliasing solution for lines

Hi everyone,

Is there any post-processing anti-aliasing solution that works well for sharp features such as 1px wide lines (rasterized lines)?
I tried some test scenarios using the tool provided here ( Intel CMAA2 project ) but the result is not 100% satisfactory:

I know I could help the SMAA algorithm (for example) with temporal supersampling or multisampling, however, I was wondering if there was a post-processing techique that yields good results with thin lines without the complexity of TAA or the performance implications of multisample textures (copying them or using them as shader resources for full-screen passes is expensive on some integrated graphics cards from my benchmarks).
Can you think of anything that would work reasonably well in the situation I described?

Rather than taking your infinitely-precise lines, quantizing them to a course grid, and then trying to “pretty them up” back into perfect lines…

Have you considered just rendering them better in the first pass? For instance:

Hi Dark,

thank you for your answer: I will check the link you shared, and check if they could give me a boost!