Possible to implement AFR/SFR now in 1.054?

Title is my question. If it’s possible with the new extensions can someone give me an overview of how to do it in Vulkan?

These sorts of SLI-style things are handled by the “device_group” and “device_group_create” extensions. It even has ways of rendering to split-frame images, as well as creating presentable SFR images and presenting them.

But they’re still KHX extensions at present.

From the Vulkan registry it appears that a ‘device_group’ is a logical device which ‘holds’ multiple GPUs that can share memory/buffers with each other. Then I assign different ‘views’ of a frame(top and bottom half for 2 GPUs) using a ‘multiview’ through the device group, wait until both halves(or more) have gone through the graphics pipeline, put them together and draw the image as one. Am I correct in my understanding? Of course I’ll need to enable the ‘KHX_device_group_creation’ extension on my instance.