Possible driver issue (please help!)

Hello, I have a problem, and I am hoping someone might be able to help me:

I am writing a video game under GL which has run fine on every computer I have tested it on except one- my girlfriend’s Toshiba satellite series notebook (Video hardware by S3, IX series (i think that is the hardware’s name) , 8megs of video RAM, Windows Me). On that machine I am experiencing two problems:

The lesser problem first:
Grayscale texture maps done in GL_MODULATE mode do not take on the color of the underlying polygon, being rendered plain white. This only happens on the Toshiba, the glColor function working fine to change the color of the bitmap on other machines.

The bigger problem is as follows:
Again, this problem only seems to occur on my girlfriend’s machine. Tracking it down was a major pain. As near as I can tell the problem is with any application that draws polygons rendered using GL_LINES or GL_LINE_STRIP. The line draws fine, but if another window is opened simultaneous to the GL window, or the mouse pointer lingers over a system tray or quick launch item long enough to bring up a tool tip, the computer locks up but good and must be physically shut down and rebooted. The problem doesn’t seem to occur when no lines are being drawn. I made a Jeff Molofee tutorial (#20, texture mapping using masks) unstable as described by adding these lines of code to the display function as a test:

(from memory, please excuse any syntax errors)

glVertex3f(0, 0, 0);
glVertex3f(100, 100, 0);

These are pretty basic GL functions, and it seems to me that they should be trouble free.  My question is:  Is it possible that  GL implementations from hardware vendor to hardware vendor may be different (read *buggy*)?  If there is a fix or a workaround or a likely flaw in my code, I would appreciate hearing about it.  And yes, I tried updating the hardware drivers.


Hi !

All OpenGL drivers must pass a number of tests before it can be released (this is required by SGI), so normally there should be no problems. But there can still be bugs in the drivers of course.