Possible driver error: AMD (Gigabyte) Radeon HD 7950 Win 7-64

I was running a sample code from the java lightweight game library documentation/tutorials:


I ran this on my machine at home and for some reason the data in the vertices and colors arrays are swapped. That makes the quad display using the color data as vertices and vice versa. I ran it on a machine at work which is a NVidia Quadro FX 580 and it works as the author of the tutorial intended.

Is this likely to be a driver error or some other issue? I am very much a beginner at GL (and 3D graphics in general) but looking at the way the buffers are bound and used, I do not detect any ambiguity in the code. I will try to test on another AMD 64 bit card later today.

Sorry, false alarm. The tutorial code did in fact have an error. The call to link the shader programs occurred before the calls that specified which data went to which inputs, hence the calls specifying which index for which data did not have an effect. In that instance, the different graphics drivers use different default behaviors causing the appearance of an error on AMD cards. I’ve asked the LWJGL folks to correct the error on the example code in their wiki.

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