Porting from Iris GL ... anyone know where to find toogl?

I am trying to port some code that was written against Iris GL to OpenGL and I’ve seen suggestions of using toogl. However, I do not have an SGI workstation and every link I’ve found that hints at having a copy of toogl, in source or binary form, is no longer active.

Does anyone have access to this? Any suggestions on where I might be able to procure a copy? Is there a better option?

Okay, I did some more digging and found what appears to be the toogl source: resolves to ftp.funet.fi if you are curious.

I downloaded the toogl.tar.gz there and was able to update the code to get it to compile for my needs. For the Iris GL constants, I grabbed the constants defined from the igl.h header from the IGL project at http://igl.sourceforge.net/. For that header to work, I just #ifdef’d out the function prototypes and includes, leaving only the #defines.

After a little clean up, it compiled and was able to convert a little sample. I will know more tomorrow when I try it on a larger source file.