Porting a OPENGL (GLUT) program (LINUX) => (Windows)


I need to port a open-gl-based program (written for linux) to windows, it has to be done very fast. Unfortunately, I’ve never programmed open-gl (I only wrote the algotithms for that program), and I don’t know how to start.
I’ve read some docs here on the website, and since it’s a glut-based program, there shouldn’t be many problems? Could someone give me some advices, please? How to start? Which software do I need?

Would it be enough to get GNU-C++ for Windows, install glut libraries and to compile?
I have also access to a PC with Corland C++, is it better?
Is there any documentation on that topic? Any FAQs?

I need at least any working version…

Thank you in advace.


P.S.: You can reach me by
mail at m-m-s@gmx.de
P.P.S.: It’s a scientific project…

You will need the dll files, the .h files and the .lib files for glut, glu and opengl