Portability questions

I can create Windows applications without using any WinApi, can’t I?

And these programs are portable (without code changs) to Linux or Mac?

How long does it take to create something nice with OpenGL?
(from nothing to some turning rectangles perhaps)

If you want to create more or less portable code, you might want to use GLUT. GLUT exists on most platforms today.

OpenGL is a very clean and easy API, so getting a triangle or two to show up is pretty easy. Have a look at NeHe’s OpenGL site for some excelent tutorials.

Other basic questions:

Should I have WinApi knowledge for that or is it unimportant?

What about the REDBOOK and the BLUEBOOK?

Is there any object-orientation in OpenGL or is it a number of seperate functions?

Will OpenGL be a part of OpenML?

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