poor(?) system performance under Delphi5 with openGL

I have recently added the openGL component to my Delphi 5 sofware and just by trying out the demos supplied with it I was disapointed in the performance as they mostly use all of the cpu resources when running. I use an Intel 1.5 GHz 512MB + nv TNT2 card system with windows XP. Even the simplest game outperforms these demos. Am i doing something wrong? a wrong setting somewhere? how do i check if the card’s openGL features are actually used by the software?

Not a pc boy but… You should have opengl options on your card somewhere. You can make a call to see which renderer your opengl program is using, but you have to add this to the code, and this still doesn’t guarantee that hardware acceleration will be used.

If the sample programs are running VERY slow and the CPU it’s fully laoded, then probably the samples are running in software mode.
Check the initialization code for errors.
If you can’t spot the error then try to be more specific and some1 will help u.

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