Poor old voodoo 1 won't stand OpenGL


I’ve got an old Guillemot Maxi Gamer voodoo 1 as my 3D card.
I tried to run an OpenGL program using glut on this card.
I use glut 3.7 and this piece of code :

if (glutGameModeGet(GLUT_GAME_MODE_WIDTH) != -1) // if the width is different to -1

When the glutEnterGameMode function is called (I see that with my debugger), the screen resolution is changed.
Then, after a short moment, the screen goes back to its original settings and the program is terminated before anything has been drawn (the code after glutEnterGameMode is not executed).

Does anyone know what’s happening (and maybe how I can use this card to display fullscreen OpenGL).



If I recall correctly, you don’t have a full opengl with that card, only minigl.

Right, and only in full screen.

Yes, I know that.

What I am trying to do is set up a fullscreen window with glut (look at the code above) but as I said it doesn’t work.
There is certainly something that has to be done for this to work but I don’t know what.

Any idea ?

GLSetup supports all Voodoo cards now… including 1, 2, 3, Rush, Banshee and all that.
Most of the 3D applications have to be patched to work though, according to the GLSetup webpage, I assum applications that you write yourself should work.
Try downloading GLSetup from www.glesetup.com and have it install the appropriate drivers for your V1.

Narf… of course this was supposed to be

sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx Dodger.
Unfortunately, this requires DX7+ to be installed and … I don’t have enough disk space to install it .
Yes, I know … it only takes a few Mb but I’m really short on memory right now !

I have a voodoo2 and a similar problem…
All my programs run but they aren’t hw accelerated… this is what I get from glGetString:

Renderer: GDI Generic
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 1.1.0
Extensions: GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture

this means that I’m using sw rendering, I suppose…

What can I do?