poor newbie

hi everybody!!!
i have 2 problems so far
1)how can i continiously rotate an object without needing to press a certain button on the keyboard like in the red book?i want it to rotate by itself

2)i’ve managed to make a project under which i run my openGL programs but when i try to make a new open gl project i get the message " unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16".the projects are made exactly the same way…
i use microsoft vc ++ 6.0

Hi !

The simplest way is to replace the key handler with a timer, it all depends on what you are using (win32,glut…).

Setup a timer that modifies some variables (just like the key handler) and call some function that repaints the window (glutPostReDisplay,InvalidateRect…).


As for number 2… make sure you are including opengl32.lib and if you use it glu32.lib and glut32.lib

Edit: Make sure you include windows.h before the opengl header files also