Points and ATI


I use the function glBegin(GL_POINTS) in my program. It’s working fine but with ATI cards I don’t see anything on the screen.
( ATI pro rage - ATI Radeon - ATI mobility - …)
Is there someone with a solution or an explanation?



Can you provide a sample program/source or a more detailed explanation of what you’re doing? Without more info, I have no idea what the problem could be…points in general should work on all of the cards you mention.

There was a bug in several of the ATI driver threads that was causing a no-op to the glPointSize() function, resulting in 1 unit size points regardless of what you specify.

Build up a sandbox demo that creates an orthographic space that is around 5 by 5. Stick a vertex (GL_POINT) in the center and see if it shows up. Most likely it will be there, albeit only 1 unit length.

I believe the new driver revisions fix this issue.