Point Rendering Problem

Hi All,

I’m creating a data viewer which displays a sphere with a panoramic image textured upon it alongside points which match up to the captured image. I’m trying to render millions of points, all of which are quite close to each other.

Originally I had a problem that the points would disappear when rotating around the image. Also, the points would only seem to display in lines along the same axis as the camera. At this stage I was simply drawing the coordinates of each point.

I then tried translating to the coordinate & drawing it at 0,0,0. Oddly this fixed everything on the laptop that I was developing on, and it has no graphics card. When I then tested the same build on a machine with a graphics card the disappearing points when rotating had been fixed, however, the points still display in lines (and overlap) along the axis of the camera.

I’m hoping that I’m just being an idiot and it’s an easy problem to fix & people have come across it before, but I’m out of ideas now that it works perfectly on one machine and not on others!

If anybody can provide a few pointers it would be greatly appreciated. I can provide screenshots of the issue if anybody would like to see what I mean!

Thanks in advance!