point light source

Hi, I’m trying to create a point light source effect, kinda like a candle only illuminating the stuff that’s close to it. Now I’ve got spotlights and global ambient lights down pat.

Now to create the point light, I figure all I have to do is place it (AFTER I do viewing transformations using gluLookAt), set the spotlight cutoff to 180, and turn on the attenuation. Unfortunately this doesn’t work… Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or better yet, has anyone tried to create what I describe and succeeded? I’d love to see a working example, if only to see that what I’m describing is possible. Thanks in advance

Ok, I actually found a demo of what I’m looking for, but it’s the wrong API: it’s the lighting demo in the DirectX 8 SDK. If Microsoft can do it, that means OpenGL’s already done it, right? I just need a shove in the right direction, please.