point light problems

I am trying to make a scene where I have a point light that is from the camera. This works fine, but I want to add another light elsewhere in the scene. But when I try to position the second light, it also moves along with the camera so I have both lights at the same place. Does anyone have an idea about how I could get the other light positioned in a different place than the viewpoint?

The FAQ tells you what you need to know. Read through the whole thing while you’re at it, it’s good stuff.

I have looked at the FAQ and I have the red book. Ive tried placing the light before I do my drawing and everything and Ive tried putting it after but I still get the same effect. Ive even tried constantly moving it around using an idlefunc but it stays in the same place.

set the light’s position after you make your matrix transformations

I have tried doing that, I think, but it still doesnt work. I have tried putting glLightfv(GL_…, GL_POSITION, pos) as the very last thing in my display function but it still doesnt correct the problem. Am I putting it in the wrong place?

Input FINALLY helped. I finally fixed it. Thanks!