point cloud to wireframe

hallo, i have spent many days learning opengl, but i’m still a begginer

i have a point cloud gained from scanning with 3d scanner and i wanted to make a wireframe from it, but when i use gl functions like gl_triangles it doesnt look as i want

i wonder if any of you could help me
thanks in advance

Point cloud to surface mesh is in fact far from trivial to solve. It is not a GL problem. Search for rolling-ball algorithm, delaunay triangulation, etc.

MeshLab can do that for you :

Post a picture of what you’re getting now and tell us why you don’t like it, or what you would like to get.

ok i’ve managed to get it to work.

now, there’s another issue:

I need to have abillity to select one of the points from the cloud, and to move it, with mouse. I’ve read some stuff about glUnproject, about transforming coords from one to another system, but how can I select one specific point? or maybe is there possibility to pick point thats closest to the point where mouse coursor is when i click its button?