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Ok…I’m creating a game using OpenGL ES for the Pocket PC as a semester project in one of my classes, and in my research I’ve come across a few things that I’d like to have cleared up and maybe someone here can help me.

I noticed at http://www.hybrid.fi/main/extra/noncom_es_info.php that for Pocket PC 2003, they have specific devices that are supported.

specifically, PocketPC 2003: Acer n10/30, ASUS My Pal A620/716, Dell Axim X-series, hp iPaq h-series, ViewSonic PC V36, Toshiba e-series

At http://www.pvrdev.com/Pub/MBX/Download/default.htm , they claim to support the Dell Axim x50v and the Intrinsyc Carbonado.

I couldn’t find any device specific claims made by the Vincent library, but it causes a memory leak on my iPAQ h-Series that continually saps resources until I get a complete system crash. Why is it that a certain library could be supported on specific Pocket PCs, but not on others. I thought Pocket PCs were supposed to have standardized hardware and run a standardized instruction set. Is this getting into an area where the devices AREN’T standardized, and if so, what is the specific component of the Pocket PC that isn’t standardized that causes such a mix-and-mess of supported devices among the different libraries?

The Hybrid and Vincent libraries render using software. PowerVR have a dedicated SDK for the Dell Axim because that device has a PowerVR MBX in it, to hardware accelerate OpenGL ES.

On the Dell Axim you should use the PowerVR SDK; on the other platforms you can probably just use your favourite software renderer.

If you believe that there is a leak in the library, please let me know what exactly you are doing with it. I usually run the Entrek tools to verify that there are no resource leaks before putting up a new release. The ug library is know to have issues with Window resources, though.


Ok…maybe that’s where my problem is coming from. The tutorials that I’m working from use the ug library (I’m working from zeuscmd 's tuts.) Can I replace the UG code with straight Win32 code? The only software that I’ve developed for the Pocket PC has been using Visual Studio.NET’s form generator functionality, I’m not really familiar with C++ Windows coding on compact devices.

Oh, sure. There are example programs in the SDKs by Hybrid, Intel, PowerVR, or you can have a look at this code: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/ogl-es/ogles/test/, even though it’s not the prettiest one.

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PS: Is the program in the other thread the one that is causing your problems?


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