plz help

hi, i didnt no where to post but this will do.

I play a game called Unreal touranment 99. i use windows XP and i have a ati radeon x300. i have been usin direct3D but was told OpenGL would make in game graphics better!!! so i changed to OpenGL and some1 helped me wit the settings but now whenever i enter the game i have no control of the brightness, it just stays dark.If i even put brightness to full it stays dark.the guy who help me has same graphic card and everything so i just cloned his settings but he has no problems wit brightness. CAN ANY1 HELP ME PLZ???

Update your ati catalyst driver ?

yea i have the lastest catalyst driver but changin brightness in there still has no change!!!

so still no suggestions???

this is a developers’ forum.

Go back to D3D? It was primary designed for Direct3D.

Please post in user forums in the future.

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