Please try my Screen Saver

If anyone has a few minutes to try my OS X 10.2 based OpenGL screen saver , I’d be most appreciative.

It’s only salient feature right now is an immersive 3D starfield, but I’d like to know if there are any platform issues among the various machines Jaguar runs on.

Thanks very much!

Oooh, pretty!

Runs quite smoothly on 10.2.1 / G4 Cube 450MHz / GeForce 2MX.

Happy to hear it works well for you.

I think the GeForce2MX makes the difference, as the basecode runs smoothly on a 333MHz Celeron too.

Hopefully, someone with a ATI video card will be able to test it as well.


I just tested it on Mac OS X 10.2 with a ATi Radeon 32MB and it ran perfectly.

Thanks very much…

I just tested it on my Ibook 700 - OSX.2.1 and it runs smoothly :slight_smile:

Okay, it sounds like SpaceTime is stable enough to build on.

I guess I’ll have to get on the stick and add the features I promised…


I’m probably a little late with the reply, but just so you know it runs fine on my TiBook 667 w/ Radeon 7500 32mb. Looks good so far, I’m looking forward to see what else you do with it.

Never too late to hear it’s working!

Despite being distracted with my day job lately, I should find time to get Beta 2 out in the next couple weeks. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Thanks to everyone for the input!


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