Please try my framework.


Currently, I’m developing my own “3D graphics framework” that I’ll be depending on in any future 3D graphics project. The framework is almost complete, but I’m doing some testing and debugging on it. So, I think it’s useful to see how it will work on computers other than mine. Shortly, if you are interested in learning about my framework, you can download it from the following link along with some simple projects that you can expertise with. The source code is included too, and you can use it freely, however, I’ll highly appreciate it if you let me know about it. What I want in return is any comment, bug report or suggestion. Two things that may upset you folks are:

  1. The code is written in Object Pascal, that is, it’s for Delphi developers.
  2. The framework is not documented.

As for the documentation however, I promise that as soon as the framework reachs a satisfactory level, I’ll start documenting it. If any body liked the framework and wants to help me developing it, he or she will be very much welcomed. The main goal set for the project is to create an object oriented framework that makes developing OpenGL applications easier, yet leaving the door opened to writing low level code so that one can freely choose how to compromise between optimizability (which leads to performance gain) and modularity (which leads to code maintainability).

To download it follow these steps:

  1. Goto
  2. Goto the filing cabinet.
  3. download everything from the OpenGL folder.




i went to the link you list, but it requires me to sign up?