Please test my Engine

Hi Folks,

i’ve started to write a small 3D Engine for a game i want to do with some friends. Because i’m very new to OpenGL i would like you to test the Program on your machines.

I would greatly appreciate it, if you could send me the “LogFile.rtf” generated by the Test Programm along with your CPU Type and Speed, the Windows Version you use and the size of your RAM.

The Zip-File contains a Testlevel from Quake 2 which has been converted to the Quake 3 BSP format. I hope id does not blame me . It is a 1.1MB Download and can be found here:

The level is very dark, so you have to adjust your Monitor settings .

Thanks in advance

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Hi, it’s me again,

thanks to the people that have already sent me their performance test.

Are some people out there with ATI, Matrox or whatever based 3D Accelerators? All you guys seem to have nVidia based Cards.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

a new version is available featuring (not 100% accurate) Collision Detection.

You can find it here:

or try this (no eMail, type into your browser):

Thanks for testing.
Take care