please include glut nativly

Hi, I don’t know if anybody has already talked about this, but I really think glut should become a real part of OpenGL 2.0 as your survey shows that a huge amount of people use GLUT for programming. GLUT provides a very fast and powerful way to use OpenGL and as you can use normal OpenGL calls between GLUT calls, I think that GLUT provides a perfect way for making initialization easier.
I really am no OpenGL expert, but why should only the experts be able to improve OpenGL. I like OpenGL more than Direct3D as it is much easier to start with (in my opinion) so everybody should be able to propose things.

LOL Experts tend to understand things they takl about. Thats why its “better” to let experts develop complicated thing

To you suggestion: there is no reason to move GLUT into OpenGL. GLUT is a windowing toolkit and OpenGL is a graphics library, completely different things.


P.S. I’m not an expert, but “smart” enough to let the experts do the really complicated things