Please, I need information about image morphing.

I want information to make image morphing.
Please tell me, thanks


I want a example about image morphing.


Image morphing has nothing to do with OpenGL, which is why you’re not going to get much of response here.

I suggest you use Google to find out more about Image Morphing, including searching for Source Code in whatever programming language and for whatever platform you like.

Roughly, you find corresponding points on two images. Like, left-eye to left-eye, right-eye to right-eye, nose to nose. Then you triangulate the geometry in-between (you must use a consistent triangulation on the two images). Then you interpolate between the geometry AND the texture of the images at the same time, producing the intermediate “morphed” images for different time-steps along the way.

But most importantly, you don’t ask questions about morphing in the OpenGL forums here.


good comeback