Please help with glDrawElements

I am having a difficult time with this function. I am using an indexed vertex array, and an array of texture coordinates.

When I use glDrawElements, the polygons draw all in the proper place, but the textures look like hell.

I checked the arrays, and the values in them are perfect (well, the vertex arrays are for sure since they have no problem drawing in the right places). I thought there must be something wrong with my arrays, but when I unrolled them into a glBegin(GL_QUADS) … glEnd() structure, everything including the textures drew perfectly.

Does anyone have any code showing how this function is supposed to work?

Maybe the api doesn’t like a texture array along with an indexed vertex array?

Thanx for any help…

P.S. When I changed the stride in glTexCoordPointer from 0 to another number, there was noticable difference. shrug