Please Help - OpenGL-ES 2 for WindowsCE 5.1

I am writing software to do 3D visualization of real earth terrain (crude heightmap) for a GPS device running on Windows CE 5.1.

I have had extensive 3D programming experience for WindowsXP/7, but none for WinCE 5.1. My preference is for a C# API to OpenGL ES 2.1, for simple graphics rendering.

Are there some available libraries and sample code all set to work on WindowsCE 5.1? My googling of OpenGL ES 2.1 lead me here.

Additionally, we’ll be porting this to Android/iOS as well, but those are the easier platforms to deal with. WindowsCE 5.1 has become somewhat of a dinosaur, and so we’re starting with this platform first.

Any clues on where to start?

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