Please help me.

I made a SDI application using OpenGL.
and I have a problem.

I used orthographic parallel viewing volume.

glOrtho (-l,l,-b,b,ne,fa);

l, b, ne, fa are appropriate variables…

and then I’m redering the model.

the blue line’s Z position is 1.0
and yellow block’s Z positon is 0.0

when I use mouse wheel, the picture is scaled.

glScaled(scale*count_scale, scale*count_scale, scale*count_scale);

I want Fig.1
but if the scale is small, Fig.2 is appread.

what is the problem?

thanks for your attention.

If its 3D object what you are rendering paste the complete code where you are positioning the objects, if its only 2D try not scaling along Z Axis.