Please help me to answer My Urgent Question

Hello expert and helper

i am having OpenGL exam but i have not understand some last year passpaper question. so will you please help me to answer these question for me so then i can understand bit more. thank you advance.

the questions are below, please answer any question that you know.

1.) A Cube is defined as a series of 8 vertices and six facets on a coordinate system whose origin is at the centre of the cube. A cube can be used to define the buildings on the street. several instances of the cube model will be used to generate the following buildings.

a.) A hight rise block of flats of width = 1 unit, height = 10 units, depth = 1 unit.

b.) A department store of width = 4 units, height= 2 units, depth = 1 unit.

c.) A small house of width = 1 unit, height = 1.5 units, depth = 1.5 units.

what matrices would be used to scale the cube so as to create instances of the buildings suggested above?

(10 marks Worth Question)

2.) What technique could be used to give the cuboids described in the above question the appearance of real buildings?

(10 marks Worth Question)

3.) Outline the file reading process by which

*) a binary format file defining a model is read

**) and its details is stored in a data structure designed to accommodate a collection of geometric objects possibly connected and possibly textured.

(10 marks Worth Question)

please answer the question to help me to revise this sample exam question. thank you again.

PS: Problem is our uni is in holiday and my teacher wont be answer my emails. i try to contact them past few days but they are not responding. therefore, i am asking here that some one could help me because i am running out of my time for the exam.

please help me. i appreciate. thank you.

good luck with your cheating.

To the first question: read how the scale matrices work. I won’t comment on another two.

  1. Matrices 1 through 3 (Yes, especially Matrix Revolutions)
  2. Dreamworks or Pixar
  3. If using a “super model” then a) Don’t worry, models can’t read and b) they are geometrically perfect and have no need to be “textured”.

Happy New Year.

For the record I’ve closed two of his threads over on for asking the same questions :smiley:

You know, even if he can get through the exam by having someone else answer the questions (rather than just using Google and simple linear algebra), any decent interview process will immediately weed him out. So I guess he’ll work at some place that isn’t smart enough to have a decent interview process :wink:

thank u guys

  1. A tricky question? My answer: Size of cube is unknown, therefore contents of matrices are unknown :wink:
  2. Raytracing?
  3. I’d possibly download some library and use it.

What you’re asking is [/b]very basic[b] / very general knowledge. So you’re either not serious about this question, or you’re not taking your exam seriously, therefore do not expect serious answer.
None of these questions require any OpenGL knowledge. First one is a matrix math question, second one is general computer graphics question, third one is basic data structures handling question.

My advice is as follows: take your lessons more seriously.
And it is far better advice than answering your question directly.

Hell, what’s this post doing in “advanced” forum, anyway?

Hell, what’s this post doing in “advanced” forum, anyway?

Any questions regarding knowing the Matrix (see my answer to question one) require Neo-like knowledge which at a minimum would be “advanced”.

Idiocy meets absurdity.

Seems he needs to be spoon fed.

Seems he needs to be spoon fed.

“There is no spoon.” (that’s from Matrix of course).

Please keep your egoes at bay everyone :slight_smile:

Hence my Matrix reference. :slight_smile: