Please dont shout

Ok i have a small or a big problem that no one as answered me for over 2 years,so i do not know how big the problem is.At the the moment i am studying to become a webpublisher in Switzerland and hopfuly gain some answers about the computer industry etc so right now i dont know much about computer hardwere.Ok my promblem is that i bought a computer with a Nivida Geforce 2 card and naturaly the nivida chipset comes with an OpenGL driver.One day my computer was on and i was typing out a spreadsheet on excel when we had a power failiure. (please excuse my english)I rebooted my computer to find out that my gafiks card did not have any OpenGL drivers any more,but every thing else worked like D3d and directX,but no openGL.You see i quite like to play games in my free time(Quake 3)but some of these games need OpenGL to run.I have tryed to reinstall my grafik card,i have tryed to install new drivers,but i have not yet tryed to format my C: drive.
Can anyone please help me sort out this problem because it happened on my last computer.Thank you i would be most greatfull.
Yours cincierly Wooly

I have been swapping graphics cards and changing video drivers many times on different PCs, and never have a problem which made me reformat my hard drive.
My recommendation is don’t easily listen to people telling you to reformat your hard disk. You may want to put more details about your problems on this forum or the end-users forum. But just don’t reformat your hard disk.


Have you tried to reinstall Windows? Sometimes it works…
Good luck!