Hi, I want to know if there is possible develop PlayStation games using OpenGL, and what kind of software or hardware i must have to made it.



Well I don’t know about PS1, but I remember reading that PS2 has OpenGL libraries. The only way that I know of to use the OpenGL libraries on a PS2 is by ordering a development kit from Sony.

ps2 doesn’t officialy support open gl, but here are many rumours. I think there is a set of drivers that will support opengl but they are not official. Have a look ate this recent disscusion in the advanced forum: It soon looses track but at least it starts out the right way.
As for hardware or software you would need to pay for the SDK (which is expensive) and I think you just use PCs and C++.

Actually you need a “PSTool” also, its the sony dev kit. Lastly you have to develope for both the PC and PS2 at the same time unless you want to by a PSTool for everyone, they cost $10,000 each (they were $20,000 each but sony lowered the price after the PS2 launched). Then you have to get a good compiler that cross compiles to the PS2, Code Warrior is used here. Say hello to R3000 risc assembly and learn how to talk with three different processors. Lots of fun work, a good OpenGL implementation on top would help alot, but it would still alot of work.