Playing Sound Or adding Sound to OpenGl file

hie every 1 … I am new to OpenGL … m a beginner … I wanted to add a background sound to my code … Can Any1 tell me … what function i should be using to achieve it and weathr i need to include some headerfile wen i use tat function… Please reply Soon … i hav to submit my project by monday … Thank you

The Open Graphics Library does not have any capabilities for sounds.
You should be looking for a different library for that.

is it not possible to play short sound file … ?? … actually my project is on Musical Keyboard tutorial … ryt aftr the key gets Clicked i want some music file to be played … that too for a shortwhile … … aftr much of googling i found that there is a Playsound function … but i hav no idea how it works … can u help on this ?

There is a plenty of ways to play the sound, but OpenGL has noting with that. This is a wrong place to ask for the help for your task.

so which is the ryt place to ask my doubt

You might try on Gamedev in “The Technical Side : General Programming” or “The Technical Side : Game Programming”.

For instance, here are a few hits from there: