Could someone please explain or point me to an example of using the PixelStore command. I am confused about how it is used. What I am trying to do is render a set of textured polygons together in the acummulation buffer and then read the pixels back out in GL_RGB mode. How does pixelstore effect this?

First, you cannot “render” into the accumulation buffer. You’ll have to render into a color buffer and use glAccum() to transfer data from the current readbuffer or to the current drawbuffer.

glPixelStore does not affect this operation, but in your example it will affect the storage of data into textures and the glReadPixels operation you’ll need to readback the color buffer data. Check especially the GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT settings.

Find a complete reference here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/psdk/opengl/glfunc03_7kdh.htm