Pixels-per-inch and off-screen Bitmap

ret = memDC.CreateCompatibleDC(pDC);
ret = bitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(pDC,MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE,MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE);
pOldObject = memDC.SelectObject(&bitmap);

later on, we call CreatePointFont() and put some text on the bitmap. It calculates the font size in pixels by using GetDeviceCaps(hDC, LOGPIXELSY) I expect. My problem is that my memDC does not want to have the same number of pixels per inch as the pDC, because the texture square has a different resolution to the pDC. It reminds me of the printing issue: typically if your printer has a much higher pixels-per-inch setting than the screen - may be some use of CDC::m_hAttribDC here. So my question is, how do I create an off-screen bitmap where I can specify the number of pixels-per-inch?

this is the advanced opengl coding forum. i think you’re looking for the windows forum…a few doors down on the right. maybe you should throw an “opengl” in there somewhere for good measure.