Pixel Buffers and Display lists

Recently I had some “strange” behavior concerning Pixel Buffers and Display lists.I’ve created a simple application that renders 3D models of a specific 3D file format.In order to do some voxelization processing of the model I wanted to be able to render it using the Pixel Buffer.So I had already created the display list of model geometry and changed between the Rendering Context of the Window and of the Pixel Buffer.The “strange” thing is that although the display list was valid just before rendering,the model did not display in the Pixel Buffer.I’ve solved the problem with rebuilding the display list just before rendering to the pbuffer.All I want is someone tell me why this happens and where can I find more info about this.Thanks a lot for every tip and I’m sorry about my English(they’re not my mnative language).

Maybe you didn’t share the display list between the Rendering Context and the Pbuffer. Take a look at wglShareLists

In case you’re using linux,supply the glxcontext you wish to share with as a parameter to the glXCreateContextWithConfigSGIX function. fbconfig


[EDIT] Added linux equivalent

Display lists are built in the active context and are not visible to other contexts unless you have called wglShareLists.
Do this right after you have created the contexts and display lists you build in one OpenGL context are also acessible in the shared one.
wglShareLists shares other OpenGL objects like texture objects, too.