I need your advice on a pinball game that I’m making. (Actually I am converting it from an older version that I did).

The question is about the table: I need to scroll in all 8 directions in 2D. Since it’s a very limited world (the table) I was wondering if there are shortcuts to a more efficient implementation- other than tiles (like using a BIG image as a background).


PS: I know that this is more like a beginners question, but I received no answers at the beginners’ forum. I apologise if this causes any trouble.

Yes there may be a good way. Have a single large texture for the table and stick it on a quad. If it doesn’t fit in a single texture then just use more than one texture. When you do this you may want to zoom out in 3D in addition to scrolling when you’re not near the flippers.

Obviously 3D table details would be possible for improved scrolling visuals and other effects so simply using a 2D texture would only be a starting point. 3D geometry for table features would be desirable.