I admit I know little about physics. Is there a way to get a library that would do physics for me? I know this would be the really lazy way, but I’m overwhelmed with other coding work.

I think I may have heard of a physics library before. Anybody with information on tutorials, examples, etc., pleast reply.

If you go to and do a search on ‘physics’, you should be able to find some physics engines/libraries for download there. You will also find plenty of really good physics tutorials and related stuff if you feel up to the challenge of learning the math and coding your self. If you don’t find any physics engines/libraries that are of use to you there, then they also provide articles with links to related sites, as well as articles that review many available physics engines and libraries.

If you do not already know about I think you might find this a useful place to start searching for any kind of game oriented programming material, tutorials, development utilities, libraries and engines, etc….

I hope this is of use to you !