PFN_vkQueuePresentKHR call is failing

I am getting this error:

Unhandled exception at 0x00000000762C8538 (nvoglv64.dll)

It is happening at this function call “fpQueuePresentKHR” based on Sascha Willems examples.

I compare step through my changes and what Sascha wrote and they are identical expect, mine is failing at that call.

My changes with only triangle works, but when I added loading mesh as per Sascha example it is failing.

Please help

A crash at queue presentation time usually means that you supplied something invalid to the driver and it just blindly crashes.

Unless you’ve stumbled into a (nowadays rare) driver bug you probably have uninitialized data or you miss something important (descriptor sets, etc.). So your first step should be enabling the validation layers and checking for any errors reported by them.