perspective projection of a checkers board

Dear All,
Peace Be Upon You.

I am an undergraduate student of
Computer Science.

For my project for the course
of Computer Graphics, I need to
implement a program that enables
the user to view perspectively
a chekkers board and the pieces
placed on it. The choice for the
implementation language is mine.

I am a novice to OpenGL.

Would you please tell me :

  • Will I have to model the scene
    (the board and pieces on it)

  • Which OpenGL functions will I need
    to use?

  • I have decided using java.I have
    downloaded GL4Javaxx.jar
    and the 5 DLLs. What other things
    do i need to download to get started.

  • any tutorials which are targeted
    specifically for this purpose?

Thanks for your time.


Talha Khalid
+92 (21) 4945856
BS 3rd year
Department Of Computer Science.
University Of Karachi.

  • Yes, you’ll have to, but modelling both will be easy, because the pieces will be small cylinders, and the board will be drawn with squares, and these shapes are easiest to draw with opengl.

  • To draw a square : glBegin (GL_QUADS) or glBegin (GL_QUAD_STRIP), then specify the colors with the glColor3f function and the vertices with the glVertex3f function, then glEnd ().

  • To draw a cylinder : gluCylinder. Please note that this will only draw the side of the cylinder. You’ll have to draw a filled circle at the top. You can do it with gluCylinder : Just specify a height of 0 and set one of the radii to 0.

  • You’ll need many other gl functions : glViewport, gluPerspective, glMatrixMode, glClear…

  • I don’t know anything about java. Maybe someone else ?