perso3D_chung free easy openGL 3D character model animation and edit

i have written an open source application in freebasic to load and edit custom 3D animated character models directly into openGL1.2 if you are interested .

you can find it there => chung's blogspot: perso3D_chung

(23/04/2013) load perso + perso3D_chung_dll dll version added

(24/04/2013) 3rd / head view added (V)key

(26/04/2013) game1 added

(28/04/2013) orc model added

(11/05/2013) fast shadows added


Please stop spamming the forum with minute-by-minute updates to your project. Get a Bitbucket or GitHub account, put your code up there. That way, if someone wants to be notified of each and every changelist, they can sign up for that.

thanks i am yet at sourceforge but theres no links allowed here below 5 messages for new members

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