perpixel lightning?

how does it work ? I don’t understand the stuff I read… anyone got an simple tutorial or something? I’m not so verry good at OpenGL programming yet… but the pictures I have seen that are Perpixel light… they are much better looking then my… I can se my triangles… or at least the line between them… I use vertex normals and I don´t like the look… it looks strange

Two places to look. My own tutorials:

Nvidia’s demos and white papers:

Unfortunately, the math behind PPL is just a bit complex, so its difficult for a lot of people to get a grasp on. I do think my tutorials do a pretty good job of explaining the basics in simple terms, but once you get into the more advanced areas like bump mapping and you deal with things like tangent space and orthonormal basis, then it gets a lot more difficult. Read my tutorials and start with the simple distance attenuated point light. If you can get your hands on that, its a pretty good starting point.

Ron Frazier

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Ya i reccomend Ron’s papers. They sure have helped me out alot. Plus he has source! Also check out Nutty’s page at He as some per pixel stuff which is simple and easy to learn from. Also, make sure you get every presentation and paper from nvidia on per pixel lighting that you can. It helps to look at that while coding.